Amatriciana Sauce
Originating from Amatrice, a town in Northern Lazio, this is a classic mildly spicy Italian sauce incorporating Tomato, Bacon, Onions, Chili & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This sauce is fabulous with Penne, Linguine, Tagliatelle & Pappardelle.

Arrabbiata Sauce
This is a spicy version of the old favourite, the Napolitana Sauce.  This sauce is classically paired with Penne but is also ideal to pair with your filled pastas.

Blue Cheese & Leek Sauce
A rich & creamy sauce ideal for your Pappardelle or Gnocchi dishes.  Keep it simple and use the plainest pasta to go with this sauce, which is a taste sensation all by itself.

Bolognese Sauce
The classic meat based sauce.  This sauce is ideal for Lasagne and great served with Spaghetti.

Braised Beef Sauce
A delicious oven braised beef sauce with a tomato base and a hint of garlic.  This sauce has great texture & goes beautifully with Pappardelle.

Four Cheese, Ham & Mushroom Sauce
A rich & creamy sauce ideal for Gnocchi & Tagliatelle.

Mascarpone, Sherry & Dill Sauce
A very delicate sauce ideal with most pasta, especially with seafood filled pasta.

Mussels, White Wine & Saffron
This name of this speaks for itself.  Fresh and light with undertones of tarragon and saffron.

Napolitana Sauce
Your old classic tomato based sauce ideal for all dishes.

Osso Bucco Sauce
Braised Veal shanks are the base for this rich & hearty sauce.  This sauce is great with all your thicker heavier pastas.

Pesto Sauce
A classic sauce of Basil, Pecorino cheese, pine nuts, garlic & Olive oil.  Irresistible with Gnocchi, topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese & garlic & sage roasted in butter.  Also pairs beautifully with spaghetti.

Puttanesca Sauce
Another classic Italian sauce, originating in Naples.  Tomato based, incorporating onions, garlic, anchovies, black olives, capers, parsley and a hint of chili.  This sauce is delicious all by itself and should not be mixed with anything but the plainest of pasta.

Sour Cream & Chives Sauce
A delicate sauce which is delicious over your filled pastas.

Tuna & Tomato Sauce
A fresh & distinct sauce ideal for Tagliatelle, Penne and Spaghetti.