“When something is fresh you can’t go wrong”, a kind of mission statement if you will, quality and freshness are at the very top of this chef’s priority list! Born into cooking Danilo is a fifth generation chef – he has cooking in his blood. Growing up in a small Italian village this story reads like a fairytale… Danilo grew up helping his father in his kitchen and so studying to become a chef was just a natural progression. Danilo is quick to add that in his day becoming a chef was not nearly as glamorous as it is now!

Over 43 years in this industry has enabled this unassuming man to build an awesome C.V. After qualifying Danilo began his travels gaining experience in some of the top kitchens in the world, least of all the famous Hotel Savoy in the heart of London. Never satisfied Danilo continued to travel racking up not only experience but also fluency in no less than 5 languages!

Ten years later Danilo returned home to Como Italy to open his own restaurant. Producing up to 300 meals a day in the summer months Danilo had undoubtedly made a name for himself. So why South Africa one asks? In one word love. Danilo moved to South Africa to get married and start a family.

Italy’s loss becomes South Africa’s gain. Danilo’s pasta Deli in Seapoint opened it’s doors in December 1995. It was Danilo’s reputation as an international chef of excellent repute that ensured the immediate success of the deli. After just 18 months a second shop was opened in the centre of town.

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Great demand within the catering industry required Danilo to close down his shops and move his state of the art machinery into a factory. Danilo’s as we now know it was born. His client list reads like a who’s who in the cheffing world. From the Italian greats such as Balduccis, San Marco and Andiamo, to the world renowned Cape Town International Convention Centre and The Mount Nelson Hotel. Even trendy eateries such as Madame Zingara and Paranga can’t get enough of this quality product.

Feeling left out? Well don’t, Danilo invites one and all into his factory. Whether it’s a ready made lasagne or stew to fresh pasta and sauces this is Cape Town’s best kept secret.

The Fioroni Restaurant from the lake. Danilo returns to his hometown twice a year to relax at his home, on the right of the Piazza.

The Piazza in daylight

Back in 1945! The house where Danilo was born and where the original Fioroni Restaurant started. Danilo’s father, Giovanni, as seen in the picture, was proprietor and Chef.